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Agricultural Research Center – Hays

Mission Statement


Serve the people of western Kansas by developing new knowledge and technology to stabilize and sustain long-term, profitable production of food and fiber in a manner consistent with conservation of natural resources, protection of the environment, and assurance of food safety. Emphasis is on production efficiency through optimization of inputs in order to increase profit margins for producers in the long term.

Region of Focus

Geographical boundaries of the WKARC research program are somewhat arbitrary depending on the specific technology or application. In general, the program addresses agricultural production needs in the 46 western-most Kansas counties bordered on the east by a line that starts at Smith county on the north and extending to Barber county on the south. Nevertheless research results are commonly applicable statewide and beyond the borders of Kansas.


The WKARC shall be a nationally and internationally recognized agricultural research organization dedicated to excellence and committed to problem solving, developing new technology and information that serves specific needs of the people of Kansas, and advancing the science of agriculture and related disciplines.