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Agricultural Research Center – Hays

About Us

K-State Research and Extension

K-State Research and Extension is a short name for the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service.  We are a partnership between Kansas State University and federal, state, and county government, with offices in every Kansas county. We conduct research through Kansas that is then shared by Extension agents and others on our Web sites and through numerous conferences, workshops, field days, publications, newsletters and more.

Our Mission

"We are dedicated to a safe, sustainable, competitive food and fiber system and to strong, healthy communities, families and youth through integrated research, analysis and extension."

Our Vision

K-State Research and Extension is committed to expanding human capacity by delivering educational programs and technical information that result in improved leadership skills in the areas of communication, group dynamics, conflict resolution, issue analysis, and strategic planning that can enhance the economic viability and quality of life in communities.

Our Privacy Statement


The Fort Hays Branch of the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station was authorized by state statute in 1901. It was made possible by a land grant from the U.S. Government consisting of approximately half of the old Fort Hays military reservation. On 1 July 1994, the name was officially changed to the KSU Agricultural Research Center—Hays. Concurrently, administrative operations were merged with those of the Southwest Research-Extension Center at Garden City, the Southwest Research Center at Tribune, and the Northwest Research-Extension Center at Colby. Administrative and business operations are centralized at Hays.


The Agriculture Research Center-Hays, celebrated its 100-Year History (PDF) in 2001. The research center developed an extensive research chronology (PDF) to highlight a long list of accomplishments. In addition, the station brochure was updated to highlight our current mission and research projects.

Big Creek Natural Area

A natural area along Big Creek was established in 1997 by the Kansas State University Agricultural Research Center—Hays. The goal is to preserve this area as an outdoor laboratory and classroom for future generations. It is the last remnant of a relatively undisturbed riparian system dating back to the old Fort Hays reservation. 

The Center has a long tradition of allowing educational activities in the area including those sponsored by high school and university science classes. If you would like to access the Big Creek Natural Area, contact the KSU Ag Research Center.