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Agricultural Research Center – Hays

Agricultural Research Center


KSU Ag Research Center

The Agricultural Research Center, located in Hays, Kansas, is a unit of K-State Research and Extension.

Western Kansas Agricultural Research Report

A summary of the research conducted at the western Kansas research stations, including Hays, Garden City, Tribune, and Colby can be found in the 2022 Western Kansas Agricultural Research Report .

Research Overview

The research program is focused on agricultural production challenges specific to the region. Those include beef cattle production, cultural and management methods for most of the major crops grown in Kansas, mitigation of the effects of weed, insect, and disease pests associated with those crops, and genetic improvement of specific crops. The research agenda is coordinated with other KAES units to assure allocation of resources to priority issues, standardization of methods, and elimination of unwarranted redundancy.

Service Area / Region of Focus

Hays is located at the approximate center of four of the nine Kansas crop reporting districts (NC, NW, WC, C). The Center’s program is focused geographically on the rainfed agriculture typical of this region, climatically on the 18- to 26-inch precipitation belt, and ecologically on the short- and midgrass prairies. Nevertheless, research results are frequently applicable state-wide, nationally, and internationally. Target clientele include crop and beef cattle producers and county agricultural extension agents.

Human Resources

There are 8 research faculty located at Hays. Faculty expertise is complemented by 23 full-time support staff including clerical, maintenance, and crop and livestock technician classifications. Student workers are hired for the summer field season.  To learn more, please visit our faculty and staff page.

Facilities / Land Resources

The research facility at Hays includes the Center’s headquarters consisting of 33 buildings and land that is used for research and production of foundation seed wheat or grain, hay, and silage for experimental cattle. A research feedlot with a permitted, one-time capacity of 900 head and a modern feedmill are located on site for use in cattle feeding research. A greenhouse complex makes possible the continuation of crop improvement and testing during winter months

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Fiscal Resources

Funding comes from a variety of sources including state appropriations (salaries and wages, operating, supplemental allocations for equipment and maintenance), crop and cattle sales (fees), grants, and gifts.

Satellite Units

Kansas State University (KSU) agricultural programs include off-campus research units under the auspices of the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station (KAES). These units are located strategically throughout the state to enhance contact with the people of Kansas, extend local services to clientele beyond the main campus, and broaden the focus to encompass a greater degree of diversity in climate and soils.  The KSU Agricultural Research Centers-Hays is composed of three satellite units including the, H.B. Ranch, the Harold and Olympia Lonsinger Sustainable Farm, and Saline Experimental Range.

To learn more about activities at the Western Kansas Agricultural Research Centers, please visit our news page and/or visit our twitter or facebook feeds.